henry joy lyrics – clancy brothers

an ulsterman i am proud to be
>from the antrim glens i come.
although i labour by the sea
i have followed flag and drum.
i have heard the martial tramp of men
i’ve seen them fight and die.
ah, lads, i well remember when
i followed henry joy.
i pulled my boat up from the sea
i hid my sails away,
i hung my nets on a greenwood tree
and i scanned the moonlit bay.
the boys were out, and the redcoats too,
i kissed my wife goodbye;
and in the shade of the greenwood glade
i followed henry joy. ”
in antrim town the tyrant stood,
he tore our ranks with ball,
but with a cheer and a pike to clear
we swept them o’er the wall.
our pikes and sabres flushed that day,
we won, but lost, ah, why?
no matter lads, i fought beside
and shielded henry joy.
ah, boys, for ireland’s cause we fought;
for her and home we bled,
though our pikes were few still our hearts beat true,
and five to one lay dead,
and many a l*ssie mourned her lad,
and mother mourned her boy;
for youth was strong in that gallant throng
who followed henry joy.

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