her beautiful eyes lyrics – vehemence

my hands clasped tight, saliva spills
from my mouth to the pavement
sitting alone i see the girls
in uniforms walking to school

rising to my feet now to get a better view
tiny pre-p*b* t*ts blazoned with the word of god
tight little *sses aching for my c*ck
these christian b*tches will never survive our wrath

cl*sses have begun, i must find them
traversing through the field i search
and find the b*tch that i must f*ck
tearing at her tattered clothing

they say that jesus saves, apparently not her
as i pierce her flesh with the cross dangling on her neck
whittling away at her br**sts until it’s gone
she dies from the shock, i fall in love with her

wearing the cross where jesus died, ironic to say the least
my instrument of death is the same as another b*st*rd liar

molest innocent children lunatic b*st*rd

gazing into her eyes, the light gleams
reflecting in shades of color i can’t imagine
feeling her tender limp body pressed firmly
weeping at the beauty of her lost innocence
devouring the last of her ovaries
a tear drips from my eye lamenting the loss

exhausted and broken, i lay next to my stiffened bride
caressing her severed limbs and wishing she could die again

the beauty of her death is so very arousing
grabbing her severed head and removing her eyes
sliding my c*ck deeply into her skull
and i gaze fondly into her beautiful eyes

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