her gorgeous eye lyrics – shaded enmity

the afternoon was bare
dream great visions to be then shared

and then in a vision she awoke to me
and i was surprised to see her face was nothing ever
and what i would give to feel what you
earth and sp*ce with time whittle away at my hand

dream great dreams before you die
i handed mine away for a senseless piece of hope

i am the bairer of all that is lost
sweet dreams of hope and grace i bring you not
if by night you havent been spared

i was forgiven of all that i died
repeat the past youll surely call me tame
if my place wasnt here
i am but to blame

i am the portrait of all that is wrong
let crashing h*ll speed and take me through
i wont hope for any but i could still care

i am the sickness of your past heart
she said with a spark in her gorgeous f*cking eye
if by night you havent been spared
i am but to blame

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