here’s looking at you lyrics – blondie

as i sit staring into this liquid amber
ripples move out to the edge of the gl*ss
is that really your reflection in there?
i just wanna jump into the warm depths
and be there with you one more time!
oh alright
hit it boys!
my initials sprayed across a pavement
cut into your private winter room
talk to me now
step into my room we’ll have a word or two
if i ever had a million dollars
if i didn’t give it all to you
would you lose interest?
show me indifference?
foot in another shoe?
not very high heels
not wearing sneakers too
a magazine ad a printed canvas
a basic mid shade blue suede shoe
thought i’d like to have a little party
thought i’d like to have a little do
sure i stopped drinking
but for the moment honey here’s looking at you!
i’ll stop my drinking give you my promise true
clean out the closet
be existential and cast a vote for the president too
but for the action of the moment
nothing does what it ought to do
instant depression i learned my lesson
nothing that i’d rather do
come on over my place
can’t see him sideways
honey here’s looking at you

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