hiding lyrics – devon

i’m hiding …
i’m hiding …

i’m hiding who i really am
i want to tell the truth, but i just can’t
we built our bond on honesty
but still i’ve hidden

this part of me

he understands me like n*body else
with him i can truly be myself
believe me, i never want to lie
but i lied to him
and i don’t know why

but i wish i could go back
to that one moment in time
when i had the chance
the chance to do the right thing
the right thing

what am i so afraid of?

i felt a piece of me die
and it’s the part of me that keeps me alive
god give me the strength to tell the truth tonight
i want to set things right

so i’m not …

don’t want to be hiding
don’t want to be
don’t want to be
hiding, hiding, hiding ….

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