high ridaz lyrics – kottonmouth kings

this is a bonus track from the kingspade sessions
featuring johnny richter and d-loc, kingspade
the full length alb*m coming out on suburban noize records
late summer of 2004, kingspade the full length (kingspade)
(high riiiiidaz)

[chorus – d-loc/johnny richter]
we the, high ridaz
holdin’ mad green
got our pockets and pipes filled
you know what i mean?
you know the high ridaz
d-loc and johnny rich
step in any session
and we’ll end it quick
who’s a high rida?
who’s down with a squad?
who’s down to smoke and ounce

and go chill at the bar
if you a high rida
throw’em up real high
put your drinks in the air
and your joints in the sky

back in the day
when i was young growin up
i always toke buds
and i never gave a f*ck
rode around in a bug

always had my pants saggin
sold a little weed
and had a spray can for taggin
but nowadayz i changed
i rearranged my whole scene

and bought a house for my green
i made a little cash
i still sag my pants
and smoke a lot more weed
i stopped taggin
shhhhh, you know what i mean?
we the high ridaz
always down to smoke
my homie johnny richter
and the motherf*ckin d-loc

we ain’t no joke
we be blazin’ up the weed

dazin people in the industry
blazin up the scene
kingspade, that’s the brand new clique
d-loc and johnny richter
on some real i’ll sh*t
we ain’t fakin
so f*ck fakers and liars
f*ck every hater
cause we the high ridaz


[johnny richter]
i’ll take you back in the days
when i was just a young scrub
growin up in the game
of slanging bud
rollin around my town
udalizin back streeets
cause i always had a pound

in my back seeeats
see i’ma high rida

since about ’92
i got my start
buyin q’s off this dude named lou

puttin joints on beat
now i’m slangin lyrically
smokin stages like

i’m smokin on a hindu spliff
cruisin up on down your blocks

we got the shot on lock
d-loc and johnny richter
we on fire, we hott
watchin jaw drops
as soon as we step into the room
we causin quakes, f*ck
we hittin with you sonic booms!
my tomb will say
he went out in a blaze
packin bowls
of green crack and purple haze
cause in my last days
i’ma gon’ be stoned as f*ck
drunk as a skunk
gettin head from your girl


high riiiiiidaz
the high ridaz
the high rida x2
the high ridaz

high riiiiiidaz
the high ridaz
the high rida x2
the high ridaz
kingspade x6
the kingspade
the kingspade sessions
featuring johnny richter and d-loc
the full length alb*m
hittin the streets, late 2004

keepin the underground bubblin’
kingspade, coming out late of 2004
suburban noize records


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