him lyrics – frankee

it’s so emotional what i’m feelin’
i never been put between a hard place and a rock
i know she’s cheatin’ and i wanna have him
but she’s my friend

i know that she’s my girl
i know that he’s her man
but i been dreamin’ of
a stormy love affair
but she does him so wrong
i wanna treat him right
i know that she’s my girl
but i wanna be with him

she’s… not in love with him
he’s a hobby to her
and i wanna be the one
to make him happy
all the time
we’re a perfect fit but, i know
it just wouldn’t be right


i’m faced with a dilemma
don’t wanna lose my girl
i don’t know what to do (to do)
but i wanna be with…
him, he’s s*xy
him, he’s cl*ssy (cl*ssy)
him, he fits me
him, ’cause i wanna be with him
i get along with him
we should be more than friends (more than friends)
it is just what it is (it’s just what it is)

[chorus] to end

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