hit em up lyrics – schoolboy q

[verse 1]
gunpowder on my fingertips
cocaine under my fingernails
look, mama, what schoolboy brought to show & tell
ain’t got no vest, protected by these sh*lls
kill or be killed, lift up souls, we raising h*ll
ungh – two for his back bring failure to his lungs
knock-knock-knock-knock your velvet rum
might burn your heart, this pistol’ll fill your tum’
ungh… ungh… dope dealer, dope n*gg*
got the stash in the rental takin’ blunts to the mental
f*ck y’all, go get ‘em – bang ‘em all
ball and ball, money tall, park the saab, i want it all
i want that crib and i want that yard
i want that broad and i want that car
i’ll pull your card for frontin’ like you hard
you be in deep sh*t from this pistol…
his heart racing, my heart’s not
shift his top, hold that thought
wave my flag, b*tch stop
you forgot, i hit ‘em up… yeah

ungh… boy, i hit ‘em up…
ungh, motherf*cker, i hit ‘em up…
ungh… i say, n*gg*, i hit ‘em up…

[verse 2]
they come to me to learn sh*t they can’t learn in church
like get him ‘fore he get you first
jump out with j-o-b, ’bout to put in work (work… yeah)
have a seat, this bullet rip your shirt
ain’t nothing sweet, you’ll see a star burst
i keep orange laces in my converse
off house arrest, now hear this converse
i keep my pistol on my hip, usually that rubber grip
don’t have a half a clue, them boxes for hollow tips
i’ve got more oxy than a pharmacy
also, i keep action clips, when i move e
yeah, i swear to god won’t find a n*gg* like him
i greet ‘em, pop ‘em, then i as-salamu alayk*m ‘em
heaven or h*ll your only ultimatum
hit a p*ssy through his lip ring, my n*gg*s murder
no attempting – got blasted
‘nother dropped on his *ss, placed up in that body bag
toe tag, i hit ‘em up!


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