holding me tonight lyrics – carly simon

(carly simon)

you say you’re not worthy of me
but how do you know when you can’t see
your eyes where midnight catches fire
i can’t describe this dizzy desire

can you be so insecure
that you don’t know what this grin is for
do you think i always act this way
silly and silent, and eager to stay
when you’re holding me tonight
holding me tonight

you think it’s all a mistake
that i’m lost in a dream from which i’ll wake up
there you’ll be just another guy
you could never be but i dare you to try
when you’re holding me
holding me tonight

i walk into your room
you blush when i see it in a mess
so i undress and close my eyes
a room with a view
is in the dark with you
but that should come as no suprise

it’s not a matter of mind
the choice of the heart is a different kind
it’s always been a mystery
when you walk into the room it happens to me
and when you’re holding me
holding me tonight

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