hollowed lyrics – devastated

the gods are speaking to me in tongues
with broken jaws and shattered lungs
and they shed a dim light on a peaceful
end. but all sense of direction i’ve
mistaken again. yeah, i’ve got definitive
doubt, now i’m gone. yeah i peaced
the f*ck out.

the rain caves us in
it caves us f*cking in

stuff your void with hyperbole
get in where you fit in
ahh ha! now you’re smitten
and you’re sh*tting where you’re

i died inside today
where is the love?
it’s paralyzing
where is the love?
a hollowed life has shown me
there is no love

why’s everybody trying to get inside
me? empty you’ve taken every piece
of me. i could never give you what
you need.

from the look of it your body has
been rotting here for a while
you bare your flaccid skin as if
it’s going out of style. the world
has p*ssed you by but you’ve seemed
to find your place, underneath
a rock after it smashed
your f*ckin’ face!

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