holy erotic rapture lyrics – decrypt

faces emerge from mechanical mutations
filthy hands reach from the sky
cleansing themselves in seas of sc*m
secretions spurt from unknown orifices
calibrated hate pinpoint exact
you can’t sustain with your mind intact
give birth to fate aborting the past
uncover these false impressions
cleanse yourself with false confessions
kneel before your icon’s altar
strangulation from thy father
brain-dead m*sses stay sedate
living corpses copulate
repet*tion seals your face
ingest, digest, defecate
loathing this condition that we are stuck in
providing the incentive to shut down our minds
i turn to the good book for some guidance
then i rip it apart it makes no sense
so called wise-men long proven wrong
it tears me apart to see someone else get the credit
without sight or senses opinions blindly overrun
population multiplies, we procreate the sc*m
force fed concepts, obscene
undying rituals, unclean
p*rnographic scripture
holy erotic rapture
it’s written in the scripture
your frail before his stature
you cower in the shadows
you l*st for messiah’s phallus
human ants in their hill
die off in record numbers
it’s all a human error
await the repercussions
fairy tales obscene in nature
pulsate heavenly members
enter through v*g*n*l church doors
your broken mind remembers
you rest your weary mind
saturated in your hostility
your body satisfies their twisted s*xuality
l*st, f*ck and multiply
hate, kill, depopulate
vicious circle, man made wasteland
messiah descends on earth to f*ck man
crown of th*rns around his c*ck
religious perversion never stops
choke on the words that you preach
the words you preach breed death
a brand new definition of hate: god
frustration forever clouding my mind
wrapping its tentacles around my spine
branching forth from this cancerous growth
is a lecherous abscess of slime
perpetually feeding me to the most average
of all mankind
to witness revolting display of deformity
you must stand in line
desperately fight to the top of the human cesspool
try to shake off the leeches that cling to me
never allow them to breach the intangible revelations
that live and breathe deep in me
that live and breathe deep in me

my christ-like libido remains s*xually unchallenged
i l*st to make a fetus you l*st to throat my phallus

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