home lyrics – k’s choice

i was born in a cradle of love.
i had two brothers who beat me up
when i was 7 years old
i had a friend named tom
and when we were together
i didn’t want to go home

when i was 15, i was very confused
i made a bad habit out of breaking the rules
the kitchen window
was my door to the night
and when i got caught
they made me stay home

i was 20 years old when i met you
and as soon i as saw you
i knew what i had to do
i still remember the way you looked
and how i wanted to tell you
i want to take you home

im 26 and i still love you
but as far as the world goes
i still dont have a clue
what it’s for or what its about
but until i find out,
i’ll just call it home

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