home part 1: graduation feels more like excommunication lyrics – half hearted hero

i have a song in my heart, but not in my head.
i don’t want to part with these words unsaid.
i have a song in my heart, and all these word’s in my mouth;
the hardest part is trying to spit them out.
this is our time and i don’t want to throw it all away.
i swear this time that i’ll mean every word i say.
i know it’s hard to leave and simply look away.
i’ve got to go but i want to stay.
i’ll miss you more and more each day.
if there was a way for the fireworks in the sky
to guarantee some meandering wish to come true,
than i’d wait around for every 11:11 and hackle
the gods of pattern and possibility.
with every second handshake
i just watch the channels change in the mirror,
each one clearer than the last.
i still see the need to fiddle
with the reception until i like what i see.
nothing is ever good enough for me.

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