homesick lyrics – jaewon

verse 1:
i keep thinking ’bout the dream i had last night //
can’t remember how long it’s been since the last time //
we sat down, had a proper conversation //
i know that the way i’m living is causing complications //
and it weakens me, it’s overwhelming //
when i try to call you but ain’t got no reception //
on my phone, i’m alone and it’s crushing my hopes and //
aspirations, there’s a sudden rush of emotions //
and sometimes when reality escapes //
my mind, i thank god that i’m man enough to say //
when i made a mistake and admit that i was wrong //
i just take my feelings, make ’em fit into the song //
and sing it to you, i just hope that you can hear me //
(hear me…) and see the real me ’cause i can see you clearly //
then i wake up, shaking and shivering, cold sweats //
all over my body, i’m feeling homesick… //

here we go now, baby //
i’ve been on the move for so long //
the road is getting darker //
pray that you will lead me home //
and i don’t know, girl, maybe //
i’ve run out of reasons to hold on //
but then i hear your voice and //
know that it will lead me home… //

verse 2:
this is what i’ve been working for the past nine years //
baby, lift your chin, i know feels like we’re light years //
apart but in a couple of days i’ll be right there //
to hold you through the cold nights, lead you through the nightmares //
no more waking up crying in the middle of the night //
i’ll be happy to see your face on the pillow next to mine //
feeling your wonderful scent as i’m kissing your face //
and you’re giving me goose b*mps when you whisper my name //
so we live and never regret, forgive but never forget //
i just want to treat you right and give you the respect //
that you need from a man, be the best i can be //
’cause when i feel you there resting on my chest, girl, i feel at home… //

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