honour lyrics – of the wand & the moon

gaze into the fire – gaze into the flame
and from that it’ll rise – simple yet so effective
a choice to be made – to be the sheep or the shepherd
to be the hammer or the nail – to fail or prevail

in hearts drained of honour
these chants shall resonate plenty
in hearts vile and hollow
these chants will sneak in gently
in hearts drained of honour
these chants will leave them empty
in hearts dead and shallow
these chants shall rise eternally

in the ashes of a fire neglected – a seed a spectre unexpected
a fire that never rests – unconquered sun reawake
sound thy trumpets tune thy drums – and sharpen thy daggers
let them know we’re coming – carrying the winds that shatter

“be your friend’s true friend to him and his friends
beware of befriending and enemy’s friend”
“be your friend’s true friend, return gift for gift
repay laughter with laughter again
but betrayal with treachery”

– hávámal

/ of the wand the moon lyrics