hope theory lyrics – no bragging rights

she’s tired of my words,
tired of a world that turned on her.
things were great but short lived,
now she doesn’t remember how it felt
to greet the new day with a smile
or a hope that would see her through tomorrow.
“you said things were going to… going to get better.
so why aren’t they getting any… getting any better?”

i answered with this…
i’m sticking to my words…
even life at its worst,
it doesn’t even come (it doesn’t even come close),
to the strength that you’ve shown (the strength that you’ve shown),
or the fight that it took to get you to this point,

never look back,
never lose sight,
never lose hope,
that’s not a noose,
it’s a rope,
to pull you out,
to pull you out,
to pull you out of this mess that you’re in.

the change was subtle,
the change was slow,
the change became so beautiful,
her smile back the darkness gone (her smile back the darkness gone),
heaven is real when h*ll is where you escaped from.

things are going to get better, to be better.

i still believe the power in our dreams.

never look back,
never lose hope,
i will never look back,
i will never lose… never lose hope.

i believe things can change,
i believe that brighter days… are coming.

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