house of 1000 voices lyrics – candlemass

inside the house that burned
no exit, no return
a place of oak and ashes
the silence of a 1000 voices

in the ruins of blackened wood
the house of orphans stood
no play, no childhood existed
you checked in, you never left

in the house of a 1000 voices
there’s the hall of a 1000 devils
broken dreams, no hopes no choices
just a box full of evil

there’s a room that no-one has seen
in the walls, a 1000 screams
little voices, toys and laces
in the mirrors you see their faces

stones and thrash, gr*ss and berries
in the yard, there’s something buried
there’s a smell of somethings that’s wrong
something is wrong

tiny feet and tiny shoes
in the shadows they’re still running loose
innocent to murder and death
murder and death

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