house of curse lyrics – die vision

i have a new house here in town
and i’ve heard a ghost lives in it
he cursed the house and he wants to dance
he cursed the house that’s his only chance

say that word
listen to the sound
say that word
we gonna dance around
where is the rest what i’m looking for
give me the chance and all all i want
speak to the lover

i have a new friend here in my house
i’ve lost the fear that i had before
he plays the guitar, he bangs the drum
he wants to dance and he wants just fun

say that word . . .

where has my friend gone
where are my memories
oh god what have i done
when the night was young
when the night was young

say that word . . .

where is my friend, what have i done
keep the curse, but he has gone
i have to shoot a glance, for a very last time
listen to his words and the sound is mine

say that word

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