how u luv that lyrics – big tymers

awww man, man i sure believe this one here man, gon’ be so beautiful
i know everyone out there gon’ hafta love this one, ya heard that?

(verse 1)
now, who the f*ck cars for days
crazy hoes and momos with the 20 inch blaze
picture me and the missus driving expeditious
the backstabbin’ friends blowin’ kisses
chrome-struck b*tches, wood grain wenches
leather seats, la la la, anything else itches
i done done it, the bubble igs 300
anything else around here, playboy i run it
bought the black yukon, new storm, microwave with futons
she not white, unh unh, she cub-an
karats on my fingers, f*ckin’ r&b singers
1998 lexus, d*ckslangers
nuts-hang-us from south american
don perrion, mil cousin, move on
can you top-uh
n*gg* with a calico to helicopter
move, shake, shove that
ask yourself n*gg*, “how you luv that?”

how you luv that? 20 cars on chrome, n*gg*
how you luv that? 20 shows in the dome, n*gg*
how you luv that? 20 hot girls to bone, n*gg*
how you luv that? brrttt! 20 primeco phones (x2)

(verse 2)
n*gg*, how you gon’ tell me that sh*t ain’t changed
when n*gg*s used to play curls now the playin’ braids
and in my crib i got an elevator f*ckin’ with these hoes heads
with alligator pillows cases in my bed
i gotta scream, “cheese-y” so bad
playboy, i had to get approval from the city and the motherf*ckin’ feds
i said f*ck these white folks ’til i’m dead
cause i’ma ball ’til i fall and spend 20 g’s at the mall
now playboy, you can tell me how you luv that
i bought my son a rolex with diamonds embezzle
when 9 months, a cash money medallion with 20 diamonds in each letter, son
so peep this, n*gg*
i got a million dollars worth of cars all on chrome, can you compete with
that’s beautiful, these 6 ties with that range rover
earrings costing 15 g’s with t.v.’s
n*gg*, i’m trying to put a screen on the hood of the humvee
with my face on top, n*gg*, can you see me?
i got so much money, i’ll never do time
i’ll play them white b*tches like they play me at all times
i got 20 g’s to put on they leather seat
or for all the c*ke chargin’, 3-time felon on one rap sheet
what the f*ck i look like? choppin’ tree and pickin’ cotton
when i should be f*ckin’ hoes and money clockin’
i’ma big tymer, ask lac, you can believe that
playboy, n*gg*, tell me how you luv that?


baby, what you mean that juvenile ain’t bout matin’?
you besta get yo’ mind right and go ahead with that hea-din’
what? you must think these diamonds ain’t real or sumpin, huh?
all of this shinin’ gon’ get me killed for nothin’ huh?
n*gg*, f*ck that, i’ma ball ’til i fall from carolton by the lake to general
so baby, buy me cristal, shiny jewel
hit the caddilac, 2 wheel with 20 inches
rolex with diamond bezzles, 20 g cel
my floor shinin’ from mar-ble, cross-connect
in my position, we make nothin’ but g’s
if you rich, then you belong got cmb
don’t hate us n*gg*, cause we beatiful, n*gg* please
you think i’m stun’n now, just wait ’til i come back with them keys
n*gg*s fear this, they hate, but they don’t come near this
i done wrote a song about the b*tches, you wanna hear this?
they say juvenile, you motherf*cker, you off the heesy
i got these hoes p*ssy poppin’ tell they cheesy and greasy
can you see me in that bubble i, how you luv that?
can you see me in that bmw-ah, how you luv that?

(chorus the lil’ wayne talks til end)

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