how would u like it lyrics – ginuwine

ginuwine, funkmaster flex
in your earhole, whoo!
drop a bomb to this, what?
let’s do this, listen

saw her in the club
as she was about the finest thing i had ever seen
i was so addicted cause she was like a drug
and i was a fiend
i wanted to walk over
imagining her body was calling me
i had to get with it and make it quick
i had to hit cause baby girl was a dream
i wanted to say

1 – how would you like it if i…
touched a little
felt a little
grabbed a little
could you handle if i…
licked a little
taste a little
ate a little

repeat 1

yo second verse
kept staring at her hoping that she would see
and maybe call me over
i was gifted but my confidence wouldn’t let me
so i sat back and thought things over
(what i get?)
got a bottle of the cris (oh)
got a bottle of the mo (oh)
now i’m looking like a don juan
so i know she gotta notice me
over all the others
cause they be singing all the same songs

repeat 1 (2x)

finally walked over to her
told her she was the finest woman i had ever seen
she told me why’d i take so long
cause all night she was already peepin’ me
she said she likes a man who knows what he wants
never fronts and ain’t scared to ask
she was down for whatever
so i took her to the floor, got together
and i tapped that *ss, yeah

repeat 1 (2x)

yo flex take em there
oh, oh, oh, oh…

you know what i mean
ginuwine, funk flex
epic records, shout to pauly anthony
shout to dave mcpherson
60 minutes of funk volume four baby
funk is back n*gg*

put your hands in the

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