how you once loved me lyrics – dionne warwick

i’ve p*ssed the point of reason
of caring how i feel
what used to matter most to me
has no importance now
i wish i knew how to love again
i kept most all your presents
in the bureau down the hall
and when i’m into huting me
i look them thru
and i think of you, and how you loved me

how you once loved me
how we once loved
how could i ever know
you meant to love me so
we got so far to go
how could you ever know
i meant to love you, too

there are no rhymes or reasons
why people carry on
from the day young girls discover
they’re different from little boys
and love is just a toy
they can play with
and we were just as foolish
now i can’t be that way
maybe you feel just as strange
and too afraid to say
i can find a way to say i love you


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