human suppository lyrics – decrypt

i slip inside
impossible to deny
when i c*m it’s intervention
torso thrust relieves the tension
i am up inside you
i just want to ride you
living just to skull f*ck
really like to bust nuts
i’m inside you
i’m the human suppository
stimulex is in effect
enhancing penal petrification
irreversibly erect
overdosing on v**gr*
rubbed raw by erotic friction
never did well in math or addition
but i got an a in genital collision
i would like to be your tutor

these are the s*x drugs of my choice
top gun
here is one i enjoy
stamina rx
here is my personal favorite
shoot my s*m*n, you’ll savor it
huge d*ck

i’m inside you
i’m the human suppository (repeat)

d*ck in your mouth
balls in your face
past is forgotten
future is erased
i am up inside of you
i’m the human suppository

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