humanicide lyrics – internal bleeding

secrets from the past denied. plague is spreading far and
wide. biological warfare, sentenced to death without no
care. liquefied organs, blood from eyes. hemorrhagic
fever intensifies. the only thing certain is death.
lesions over body, mutating cells take over within the
hour. systematic shutdown, there is no hope to see
tomorrow. horrors to man. will the government gain the
upper hand? transmit the final phase. germs are spreading
like wildfire. government breakdown ’cause of liars.
people rounded up like cattle, to wage war, the final
battle. humanity is dying. all hope is lost with no great
cost. greed is too strong, man has been wronged. faceless
facade, pray to your god. you have now confessed your
sins, there is no hope for a win. death will be the only
cure to make the earth once more pure. faceless facade.
where is your god? armageddon is now here. judgement of
the living. mercy for the dead. rest in peace.

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