hymns of the immortal self lyrics – rudra

why! do you enslave yourself!
they have made you a pauper by making you lose what has been always yours
can’t you see that there are many who want you on your knees?
praise the self that you are
you need no proof for your existence
that you are free, is known to you but covered by ignorance

anandam brahmano vidvan na bibheti kadacana*

[solo devan]

you are not a sinner! you are not a slave!
the feebleness you are is not your nature, but it belongs to the creeds that enslave
you see yourself as the sp*ce limited by walls but what you are is the all pervasive sp*ce
eternal! that’s what you are
the witness to the changing phenomena
knowledge is your nature
deathlessness is your abode
you have no soul to purify
you need no redemption
you need no salvation
cause you are the master of this universe

anandam brahmano vidvan na bibheti kadacana

[solo vinod]

[*taittiriya upanishad]

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