i am a lonesome hobo lyrics – bob dylan

i am a lonesome hobo
without family or friends,
where another man’s life might begin,
that’s exactly where mine ends.
i have tried my hand at bribery,
blackmail and deceit,
and i’ve served time for ev’rything
‘cept beggin’ on the street.

well, once i was rather prosperous,
there was nothing i did lack.
i had fourteen-karat gold in my mouth
and silk upon my back.
but i did not trust my brother,
i carried him to blame,
which led me to my fatal doom,
to wander off in shame.

kind ladies and kind gentlemen,
soon i will be gone,
but let me just warn you all,
before i do p*ss on;
stay free from petty jealousies,
live by no man’s code,
and hold your judgment for yourself
lest you wind up on this road.

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