i am holden caulfield lyrics – contingency plan

this is the last time i’ll say it
cause i might be too busy to write
and this time i mean it
cause i’m leaving town tonight

well i’m gone
i’m leaving town
well i’m gone
i’m leaving you

so i sit alone again
maybe winter will p*ss me by
like a candle in the wind
doesn’t mean that i won’t try
if summer comes around
i’ll break out of this sh*ll
i’ll never come back down
even though i may fail

will you ever take a stand?
tell anyone anything?
cause if you don’t stand for something
you will always stand for nothing

a girl might build me up
but then i’d take a fall
cause if it weren’t for bad luck
i’d have no luck at all
pretend i’m what i’m not
packing heat to make me tough
will i ever get a shot
to do what i love

will you ever take a chance?
it just might change your life
just believe in yourself
take my hand and roll the dice

roll the dice

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