i am the ritual lyrics – hexvessel

miraculous flames
transform my sacred energy
into a guardian spirit
i am ash and dust
traced symbols in newly turned earth
the sanctuary inaugurated
to give these servants new strengths
separation of the soul
pull their children out from the lakes
caressed then by flames
celebrated by sacrifice
effigies of death
seized with sweet frenzy
a climax to the ceremony
purifying powers of the fire
all smeared with oil
all smeared with blood
holy mother merciful
holy mother angel

the hot winds roar
i am the altar
the bone rattle shakes
i am the drum
the canary jar breaks
i am in the soil
cinders in the hearth
i am the ash
tail-feathers coagulate
i am the blood
a pile of fragments
i am the dust
blown to the four corners of the world
oh lord have mercy on me
oh lord have mercy on my soul
the initiations end
leave behind regrets
draw me in the dust
throw me to the stars
sung between the tears
remembered for a day and a year

the rhythm builds up
i am the barrel
the chanting grows louder
i am the sun
the rope constricts
i am the fever ritual

the feet turn the dirt
i am the dance
the convulsing of muscles
i am the sweat
the vessel is a blessed sacrifice
sacrificed for us all

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