i.c.n.w.a.s. lyrics – last minute sedative

give me time and i’ll make change to these lives once
thrown away
these walls that stand are hindering
from the calling that i seek
to brave poor hearts and aid the weak
this p*ssion burns within my soul
and with the heart of el shaddi
these dreams dreamt of yesterday
are challenges we face today

some say that its to radical
this plan to change the world
but time is fleeting quickly
what else would you have us do

the time has come to rise up
this revival starts right now
speaking life into every fracture
before this world falls to the ground

we know we must bring life to what is dead
‘cause without faith all hope is lost
intertwined like the roots of a tree
love brings silence to uncertainty

the darkness of this madness surrounds us everyday
ripping at our only weakness
making it so hard to stay faithful to what we know is
the everlasting truth
the only thing that keeps me conscious is this virtue

suffering gives way to perseverance
character gives way to hope
hope does not disappoint us
this is our purpose

how much more will we suffer
while still we sit and dream
when each day that p*sses
we miss the chance to change

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