i can’t hold on lyrics – karla bonoff

oh baby, this time it’s a good-bye
and you can be sure that i won’t cry
our love is just a faded story
i’m walking down the road
and you’ve just got to let me go

cause i can’t hold on
i can’t hold on
i can’t hold on anymore

and what was that sweet lullabye
and were all those promises just lies
well, i was just a fool to love you
i knew it all along
i can’t look down, i know i’m falling


when you act the way that you do
i want to scream and shout
you keep on playing games
i walk around the block
and think maybe you’ll change
but just when it seems we’ve got it all worked out
you start naming names
i don’t believe that i was the one to blame

any maybe next time you’ll cry
when someone like me says good-bye
you’ll wake up when she’s gone and wonder
how you could let her go
but look at me, i’m going under


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