i didn’t lie lyrics – tech n9ne

“tech n9ne feat. lamani”

baby listen, i don’t want to have to call you a b*tch
but you can bet ima do it if you act a witch
every time you see another woman, pitiful b*tch
better change before i get into some gangsta sh*t
checkin my clothes for n-o’s
you think im all up in dem hoes
who love to be givin me demos
all up in my grill
you makin a villian say godd*mn!
baby what kinda n*gg* you think i am?
in the middle of a conflict with your nonsense
where the calm went?
i read you like a book
and quite frankly b*tch i dont like your content
who gives a d*mn about a he say, she say saint jones replay
if it aint she say then its he say and he game
9 millimeter heat day
every time i gotta come home to this
why you wanna do this?
never woulda hit it if i knew this
never gave it to a celeberty
better be down with a n*gg* wit a early 70’s mindframe
you all about mind games
mrs. sherlock always tryin to find things
id rather be behind you hittin it doggy style
so hard you get spine pains
sl*ts, is a wonderful thing
but you gotta know im the n*gg* in they dream
your friends say im a player
they wanna interviene
but they know they come at me they gotta terrible scene
they said i had a chick in the buns with the k-y
gettin high
my reply, yous a motherf*ckin liar
cuzz i was up in the hotel all in the jiggamapie
i didnt lie!

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