i don’t mind the thorns (if you’re the rose) lyrics – lee greenwood

come let me hold you for awhile,
all you have to do is smile
and i’m yours again
i may not like some things you do
but they’re all a part of you
and you’re my best friend

i don’t mind the cold
when i have a fire to warm me
i don’t mind the rain
cause it makes the flowers grow
i can take the bad times
when you wrap your love around me
i don’t mind the th*rns when you’re the rose

stay, we can work the whole thing out
that’s what loves about
and i understand
you didn’t mean the things you said
they’re so easy to forget
when you take my hand

(repeat chorus)

if it was anybody else
i would be gone
but you’re so beautiful to me
oh that i keep on holding on

(repeat chorus)

well, i don’t mind the th*rns, when you’re the rose…

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