i don’t wanna die lyrics – king tee

[verse 1]
just another night in my philly
will get dreams ain’t worth a penny
we celebrate life every night, toast a (?)
i feel it in me, it’s frustratin’ enough
to watch the lil’ homies on the grind tryin’ to come up.
but look at me: the older generation o.g.
tryin’ to shake these nine-ounce into a key
thinkin’ major, knowin’ all the time i need to save ya; the anger
i thank the feds for playin’ on my pager!
huh, but in still i smash out without fright
and raise the six hundred headlights through the night
keep it tight! my reputation stands well
cuz all the good n*gg*s are either dead or in jail
let’s ?pretend? for one second hustlas who had riches
stop flossin’ for these fake *ss b*tches
puttin’ all these g’s turned snitches but it’s (?) these days
ya homeboy will put you in ya grave…

[chorus: 2x]
and i don’t wanna die but if i do
homies, don’t cry! i did so much dirt i should fry
and, loc, sometimes i don’t wanna come outside
but i’m all g’up, so let’s ride!

[verse 2]
i wake up every morning the same
?hollowed? with my grains
peepin’ out my window for the change
but all i see is pain. i sold out my soul for the game
familiar. dat’s why i gang bang, dat’s why i slang ‘caine.
i gots to maintain for what’s i head
my baby-momma bringin’ mo’ drama than the feds.
but i ain’t scared of all the automatic full of lead
i’m proof for the livin’ walkin’ dead!
i’m rollin’ wit some n*gg*s prepared for anything, anywhere
anytime f*g in the hood are over there.
dat’s my outlook on life until it ends
a pocket full of chips and a benz.
shakin’ all them so-called friends because they scheme and they plot
to lay me down and get what i got
we’re runnin’ off their spots wit glocks and fo-fo’s like vets
and before i leave i cross out their set!

[chorus: 2x]

“but, you know, it’s like everybody i hear
wanna be a tough guy killa, a gangsta, you understand?
but, ah, most of the gangstas and killas i know (?) dead”

[verse 3]
i don’t wanna die but i see the devil’s walkin’ his flame (?)
callin’ my name like he know me
i pray dat god (?) his (?) foe me, show me a sign!
i be right here on the front line in this war zone
tryin’ to get mine before it’s time.
but as i step over bodies dat i peeled
the vision h*ll’s angels and the field (?)
wavin’ at me, getting close witta fat grin on the (?)
but they always take the n*gg*s dat i killed
g, the situation is ill, i feel my turn’s probably next
dat’s why i sport a bulletproof vest, but i stress
all it takes is one shot to the dome
now your family’s sittin’ in the front row when you’re gone

[chorus: 4x]

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