i go on lyrics – wisdom in chains

can you follow me if i fly
will you give up life if i choose to die
will you say my name when the time comes
or betray your own words just to please some
building a life only to be torn down
pleasing the m*sses and bowing to the crown
not me cause i don’t care if i win
in this life i’ll question everything
woah i go
i go on and on
it could all be over as quick as you can blink
did you ever stop and wonder?
did you ever stop to think?
do you really need possessions?
i don’t think they matter much
my only true desire is for something i’ll never touch
i got no time
no time for worrying
i got no time
no time for wasting
i got no time
no time for hesitate
i got no time
cause it ain’t my time to waste
if i could subtract a single breath
from every day that i got left
could i ever repay that debt?
give me an answer if you know the answer
i tried to take this world on my own
i thought my heart was made of stone
but i found out recently
the world a whole lot bigger than me
woah i go
i go on and on

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