i got by in time lyrics – jam

saw a girl that i used to know
i was deep in thought at the time
don’t recognize the face at first
’cause i was probably looking at mine

well, she was the only girl i’ve ever loved
but my folks didn’t dig her so much
i was young, it was serious
to me she was the world
(she was my world now)

i thought i’d never live without her
but i got by in time
well, let me tell you now

saw a guy that i used to know
man he’d changed so much
i think it hurt him to say h*llo
’cause he hardly opened his mouth

yeah, well, he was my best friend a few years ago
truly inseparable
we were young and full of ideals
we were gonna rule this whole world

but something happened
i didn’t know why
but that’s the way that it goes, i suppose

what you say, what you do
don’t mean nothing, nothing at all, yeah
(nothing at all)
and all the bonds you make between ya
can be broken any time you want now

please tell me if my philosophy’s wrong
i’ve got to know the truth
i don’t mean to offend anyone but
you know it’s something that i do, oh

so nice to see you tonight
and i’m so glad that you came
some of the people standing outside say
sure feel the same

yeah, my point is in a round about way
given time he’ll always forget
‘cos the memories
that are shouting me on
to me everything
(you’re everything now)

and it always will be mine, yeah
and no one can take them away

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