i gotta go lyrics – colorblind

since you got my private number
why don’t you call
since you moved into my big house
why don’t we talk
i don’t need
you to tell
me the lies
once again
who cares anyway
just another evening
in a very small town

i gotta go
i gotta go
i gotta go insane today
i gotta blow
i gotta blow
i gotta blow your mind away
don’t you think i dare

if you want my tongue to tease you
why don’t we kiss
if you want my lips to squeeze you
why don’t we touch
i am here
and i care
about you
mister mew
but i do understand
why i got the feeling
that i’m trapped in your hand

chorus x 2

i don’t think i quite derserve
your lack of taste
credit cards and timeshares doesn’t help
after all i’m quite attracktive
don’t you think
don’t you think


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