i gotta say what up!!! lyrics – ice cube

once again it’s on, the n*gg* you love to hate
ice cube’s in the motherf*cking house
yo i wanna say what’s up to the n*gg*s from the lench mob
j.d., t-bone, shorty, del, yo
sir jinx, chill, dazzie dee, and k dee, yo
and the rest of the mobs in the house
[yeah, herd ’em up]
i wanna say what’s happening to my man, afrika bambaataa
and the mighty zulu nation
i gotta give a shout out to the public enemy
y’all motherf*ckers in the house
and the n*gg*s that’s handelin’ business, epmd
yo i wanna say what’s up to uncle l, ll cool j
the n*gg* from exclaim
i gotta say what’s up to digital underground and humpty hump
cause he makin’ more than donald trump, you know what i’m sayin’?
i gotta say what’s up to the n*gg*s that’s payin’ dues, low profile
[w.c.’s in the house]
and that big ballin’ *ss n*gg* named king t
dj pooh, and the n*gg*s that’s droppin’ bombs on your *ss
the motherf*ckin’ bomb squad
[eric sadler…]
i gotta say what’s up to big daddy kane
and the rhyme, the rhyme syndicate
and to the n*gg*s that can slang them dolls, king sun
i gotta say what’s happenin’ to my girl yo yo
she’s stompin’ to the motherf*ckin’ 90s
and the i.b.w.c.

my man mac, and to the mackaframalama motherf*ckers
don’t laugh hos, i’m down with the afros
i wanna say what’s happenin’ to the trigger-happy, motherf*ckin’ geto boys
run dmc and jam mastery jay
stetsasonic and one time gaffle ’em up c.m.w.
i gotta say what’s happenin’ to my west coast homeboy
and my man from o-town, too $hort’s in the motherf*ckin’ house
my man from the east coast, busy bee
the n*gg* from my block,
king ronny ron, d-dougs, and my man stretch
and you know that street knowledge is givin’ the punch
i gotta say what’s happenin’ to my manager
pay sharp and may, and you know she don’t play
and my n*gg*, the only n*gg* [who’s that?]
sir jinx in the motherf*ckin’ house
and to all the motherf*ckers i forgot,
y’all ain’t did sh*t anyway!
this is dedicated to the n*gg*s that’s been down since day one
ice cube in the motherf*ckin’ house
comin’ at your *ss with a gangsta lean
fall of 1990 style, you know what i’m sayin’?
[we outta here…]
five thousand g
yo, ice cube man. since you went solo, what’s up with the rest of the.?
[abrupt end]
if you need help, hang up and dial your operator.

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