i hear voices lyrics – waltari

i wanna stop again this masturbation i’m doing all night and day
i wanna escape my mental isolation, it’s where i don’t wanna stay
my voice is just for you, i want to serve it
extended version of this game
so i made up my mind, i left the craft and stayed on the revolution

send a postcard of your birth
i’m the one who stayed on the earth (i’ll collect you honey! )
raise a gun and shoot for a curse
what we’d need now is to delete what we have deserved

the shaman’s drifting now somewhere in the clouds, and i say that we all have our doubts
the nature wants us to stay somewhere else, but senses freeze inside our brains

sometimes i hear some voices calling my name, they sound like music to my ear
someone still keeps on thinking about my name, and i should do the same


(i’ll collect you honey! )

now i feel i must get strong
fear of weakness and getting old (break the chains now honey! )
change the system back to the old
save the souls and be bold and resow the earth

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