i hyperact lyrics – disharmonic orchestra

sometimes i hyperact
at least behaviours indicate
that something’s not intact
concerning habits that relate
to lack of understanding
it doesn’t matter for your part
but i still try to handle
my surplus energy – that’s hard

i’m watching your movements
it appears so strange to me
all actions – slow motion
these images i see
maybe i’m more than acting hyperly
i am surrounded by a floppy lethargy

organizing facts
order nice in fact
all i make

speed of dream is low
not until i know
that i’m awake

try to p*ss my time
try another rhyme
pencils brake

hard to hold a move
i can never prove
what it takes

puddle in my mind
in another kind
a bigger lake

reorganizing facts
reorderd nice in fact

speed up to my dimension

/ disharmonic orchestra lyrics