i just wanna lyrics – cam’ron

killa, killa what we want uh
i want ya’ll to get the f*ck off my d*ck
for a minute ya know
dip set, freaky, jones, santana, uh harlem

yo, yo, ayo, i just wanna come through ice in the crown
i just want the c*ke price to go down
i just wanna get a couple months, dog
not like for these pounds
i just wanna have this orgy and these dyk*s to be down
want dro when i’m chiefin’
want doe for some reason
want hoes to stop comin’ over knowin’ they bleedin’

i want head from east nava
i wanna get the benz at least dropper
painted peach-cobbler
want a girl who don’t need prada
she could be a d*mn reeboker
long as she freak proper
i’m only asking for halle, janet, toni braxton
come over show ya homie action

i want ’em now, i want ’em wild
i wanna bone they back in
i wanna whip, i wanna drop
i wanna chrome reaction
you should know i’d give a kidney to ya’ll
i want my women to shine
i want my n*gg*z to ball
i want it all

come on, juelz
dip set, killa, killa
i know what the f*ck i want

yo, yo, yo, i just wanna get money
i just wanna get hoes
i just wanna smoke weed and o’s
i just wanna get a million get low
i just wanna do a alb*m, sh*t 4
i just wanna live rich not po’
i just wanna be happy not stress
i just want my girl to know right now

i’m not happy i’m stress
i just want the struggle to stop
but on this beat i don’t wanna talk
i just want the muzzle to pop
i don’t want a job
i just wanna hustle the roc
i just love the way that c*ke fluff in the pot
i just want the coupe to be pretty

i just wanna cruise through the city
baby, i just want ya *ss to be fat
i just wanna play tag from the back
i just wanna go half on the sack
i just want my d*ck to fit in ya mouth
i just wanna sit in the house
i just wanna make music
for my n*gg*z to bounce, come on

yeah, uhh
where we at?, harlem
what we want? huh
let’s do it, killa
juelz said, tell right y’all
dip set, well check it

yo, yo, yo, i just want you to know you’ll get slapped in ya face
i just wanna know what happened to mase
i just want him to know
rock dem jewels flash that chrome
it’s all good you can come back home
if you want

ayo, i just want this paper to be straight
i just want this cake to hurry up and bake
so i can send it upstate
i just want my money back in a week
i just wanna get the f*ck out this studio
and back in the streets

i just wanna f*ckin’ stop being aggie as h*ll
i just want head from pattie labelle
i just want when i’m stress when i’m vex
want l to p*ss me the l
you don’t want l to p*ss me the sh*lls
it will get ugly

i just want my moms to let me smoke weed in my home
i just want my n*gg* t to come home
i just want the v to be chrome
i just want these hoes to leave me alone
come on, i want it all n*gg*

(that’s fine)
(that’s fine)
(that’s fine)

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