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i like head

i ‘ont like hand jobs, b*tch i like head [8x]

[verse 1]
f*ck jacking me off girl, suck me slow
if the head good then you know we f*ck fasho
i’m living that life as a young star
got them hoes getting dirty like junkyards
my n*gg* mustard on the beat hoe
you know the routine, what i gotta speak foe
now get down on your knees and tell the lord
how much you love me, now run it back
lil ratchet hoe, i ain’t f*cking that
she know my girlfriend now that’s a f*cking trap
the crazy things she do for a hunnet racks
suck a hunnet homies up in the f*cking back
lil nasty where tf you went to school at?
crenshaw high sh*t i shoulda known that
what that sh*t do?
she said her boyfriend packing, i got d*ck too truuuuuuu


[verse 2]
don’t touch the d*ck, suck the d*ck
excuse my mouth but f*ck this sh*t
i go hard but go harder in the summer
till my account got seven digits like my phone number
i don’t love ‘em i mistreat ‘em
did her wrong ‘cause i didn’t need her
dog these hoes i don’t feed ‘em, they ask me for advice
i mislead ‘em, back to the head girl
i need dumb throat, stop playing girl this ain’t jump rope
you be on & off i’m tryna be all in
amber rose the only b*tch that look good bald head
i need all head no cuts
i need that good that make a n*gg* say “holllllll’d up”
f*ck b*tches stack benji’s
los angeles county baby ratchet city


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