i lyrics – decades of despair

crawling through clay
shattering old trees as twigs
calling for immortality

masters of living
devourers of souls
invocating ancestral rites

i command you for eternity
my words will transform life into decay

already dreaming of imperial
anthems for me
i will enslave this world made of sc*m
and i’ll reign from the skies as the blackest astre

i will smother all of you miserable weak
i will be the last king of your history
i will slay you all in intense suffering and
i will spread the plague that all of you fear

i am the child of unending frustration
broken by life forsaken
by the one i believed and trusted
as those of the same blood
now they all have to pay

i will break you all i swear
have made of your life a burden
i will make of your life a h*ll on earth


stars give me strength to take my revenge
astres of light eradicate these lands

i am the father of plagues
i am the one to suffer the end

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