i need you lyrics – billy squier

i rise at the break of day–your smile sets me on my way
i need you
see the light shinin’ in your eyes–see the hopes that i realize
for you
i am alone…my odds are long…s’all i can do…
i need you…
take the road where the eagle flies–man follows where his fortune lies
i leave you
shadows fall and the day is done–the curtain calls but more than anyone
i need you
when i feel low…my amps they blow…when i feel blue
i need you…
and i forget all my sorrow, i forget all my pain
i relinquish my doubts at the sound of your name
i can feel your desire when i walk through that door
i believe in the power that can even the score
never knew it could take so long–never knew it could feel so wrong without you
they say a woman knows the reasons why–no man ain’t supposed to cry
i need you
when after all…my tears they fall…when i pull through…
i need you…

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