i of forever lyrics – elysian fields

born in the woods, raised among the jackals
epic battles were to come; forlorned he stood
as the stars were falling one by one
he raised his hands and cursed
eternal frost in soul to blame his children
d*mned to be, to feel the unlight,
the creatures of the night
my sadness i defy, lord of darkened skies
whispering, as i die
the blackness i purify, god of my despise
dreaming, as i cry
the dark erases the past of sorrow
the fear freezes by the cold
i of forever
the stars are holding a world of their own
i sucked the light too deep inside
can’t find the statue of my lost soul
and the ancient form has merely died
for the thousand mirrors that i broke
the blood (that) was spilled wasn’t mine
this is the darkest sun i ever saw
no one can p*ss my bloodline
land of the unholy fire
land of the everlasting fears
slay thy children for they believed
and your will… shall be the one.

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