i only wanted to love you lyrics – denine

i guess you don’t know
what you got ’til it’s gone
never played the game of love
i went about it all wrong
never let you in
i never let you know
that in my heart i never want to let you go
but now i can see the mistakes i’ve made
and you don’t know the price i’ve paid
and all i need is a second chance
let me try – try and save this romance
i only wanted to love you
i never wanted to let you go
i think its time that you should know
i only wanted to love you
i only wanted to give you all of me
i never meant to hurt you… baby can’t you see
i only wanted to love you… i need you here by me
i only wanted to love you
i gotta find a way for you to hear this song
been two whole years since you’ve been gone
if it takes my whole life i’ll keep searching for you
gonna give you love, a love baby that’s all true
can’t you see when i look in your eyes
tell you i’m sorry and i apologize
forgive & forget
it won’t be the same this time
i’m forever yours and your forever mine
chorus 2x

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