i remember now lyrics – queensryche

industry standard hospital noise telephone please. dr. davis, telephone please *door open and close* dr. blaire, dr. blaire, dr. j. hamilton, dr. j. hamilton *nurse in heels walking and whistling* leaders that have shocked this city over the last month seems to have ended as suddenly as they began. no terrorist group has come forth claiming background radio sovietsnurse: its 10 minutes past curfew, why are you still up?background radio in other news bizarre rumours of political and religious observation at state hospital. his ident*ty is being withheld pending further responsibility for the slaying, but police have a suspect in custody under investigation. sports and weather next.nurse: h*llo? h*llooo? perhaps you nurse: there that should do it.nurse walks to door, opens it need another shot.nurse injects, some grunting i remember now nurse: sweet dreams. you b*st*rdnurse closes door i just remember doing what they told me i remember how it started told me i cant remember yesterday told me told me

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