i, ruler of paradise in black lyrics – deinonychus

born for a destiny that has yet to come
i search for the holy son
he, who denied my god from the almighty throne
his empire shall be forever gone
in my search for the disgusting nazarene child
many silver-tears shall be cried.

you… disgusting nazarene
ah! hide! hide!
my hate to you is eternal
bleed, bleed, bleed.

thou, who tried to bring me down by magiddo’s
thy blood shall be coloured black
finally, when i find that nazarene childsf*ck
of god
his blood will spill, lying torn, torn, torn
then the heavenly skies of the saints will
turn black
sees the child hung by the neck

now… ruler of the dark
hail! hail!
crush the golden gates
forever, forever, forever…

silver-tears were cried…

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