i saw you today lyrics – anthony phillips

i saw you today
and, through the distant years,
it all came back.

two people, young and sheltered,
so unwary of the snares
we now know well.

you’re now a woman
but still brown and very beautiful,
you haven’t changed.

she took your place – oh, what a face,
didn’t think i needed you
but i was wrong.

she came and she went out
upon a voyage, it seems
she’s never coming back

for now you both are gone
it seems so long ago i was a
happy man.

i saw you today
it didn’t seem as if
you’re coming back.

i saw myself today
it didn’t seem as if
i’m coming back.

and lo upon the hills
i see a shadow p*ss
to the other side –
we must accept these things.

oh, how i love you.
oh, how i love you.

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