i shape the suffering lyrics – houwitser

i shape the suffering -to indulge my necrol*st_tormentor, punisher,
the puritan -i shape the suffering -how i like my flesh -i like them young
and fresh -i like to hear them scream of intense suffering -split them open
wide as i come inside -penetrate their flesh -with a butcher knife –
pounding in bleeding flesh -cutting of your skin -rip the innards out
of your stinking c*nt -i like to purify -the pain i won’t deny -your intense
suffering brings me in ecstasy -see what you became 15 years of age –
your my love doll now -a pile of bleeding flesh -her legs spread open wide
but no guts inside -i m*st*rb*t* ones more on the fecies of that wh*r* –
i’m the punisher as my hammer cracks your skull -i the puritan piece by
piece cut of your skin -decapitation -as i f*ck her bleeding *ss –
to indulge my necrol*st -i shape the suffering –
tormentor, punisher, the puritan -i shape the suffering –

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