i still feel for you lyrics – david choi

everything i do
reminds me of being with you
from the simple things like taking a walk
or finding what to wear

how you used to be there, waiting
for me downstairs
like poetry in motion
you could feel it in the air

how you touched my soul
you made me so complete
oh, you opened my eyes
and showed me how life should be

i still feel the same since i letted you go
it’s something i can’t change
and it’s hard for me to know
oh, i’m such a fool for letting you go
i still feel, for you

i remember the days when we
stayed in bed all day
when we cuddle, and kiss
and make love,
didn’t care about the heat wave

those days are gone
they’ve slipped away
but i still have the memories
i don’t need nothing else cause

you gave me the love like, n*body can
how you bled your heart to me
don’t you understand


i still feel you
oh, girl you haven’t left me
i still need you
right here with me
i still feel you
i still feel you


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