i thought we had it all lyrics – daniel franklin

we should talk that’s what you said to me
in the playground you know the place will be
so there we sat together in the night
i hear you saying you hope i’ll understand
the love you used to feel you say it’s not the same
when i reach for you you just turn away
babe, please tell me what went wrong in this song?
babe, you know without your love i can’t go on,
i thought we had it all
each time that you walk by i feel my heart would break
and then i think about the pain i’d have to take
but i know it’s over for me it tears me up to see it die
i don’t know how, i don’t know why
i watch you walk away disappearing in the dark
you’re not coming back and it’s tearing me apart
i knew what that meant it meant that i can never see you again
i had seen this once before i didn’t wanna deal with it anymore

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